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Friday, September 09, 2005

Unsigned Band Alert: Proton Proton

Although I may not be the first to write about this new band hailing from Brooklyn, does that mean they don't merit the attention? I say no. (See posts at You Ain't No Picasso, Gorilla vs. Bear, Funtime OK, & Bang Up Job.)

Well, here is another chance to check out Proton Proton. Since many other bloggers have supplied the basic info concerning the band, I thought I'd offer a little more detailed background.

Proton Proton are a three piece from Brooklyn, consisting of Pau Fuster on vox, Aron Sanchez on the Gass (half bass half guitar), and Jarrod Ruby manning the skins. The band got their start as an improv/brainstorming session in which Sanchez and Fuster developed a concept for "a band lean in members but able to create alot of sound from minimal instruments". To this end, they have succeeded admirably.

They are able to conjure up quite an enjoyable racket as a trio and the rhythm section is surprisingly tight given Sanchez is essentially on double-duty. Sanchez designed his ax by using a bass guitar strung with 2 bass strings and 3 guitar strings, with individual pickups for both the bass and guitar strings and separate outputs going to corresponding bass and guitar amps. He then tunes this beast to EeAac. Cool, huh?

Perhaps it's the use of this unique instrument, or maybe it's frontman Pau Fuster's frantic yelps that make Proton Proton stand out in the over-saturated new-new wave-dance-punk (whatever the fuck it is) Brooklyn scene. Or maybe it's just because they manage to sound like a stripped-down version of Interpol on amphetamines.

Do yourself a favor and check these guys out for yourself.


Proton Proton - "Lock Picker"

Proton Proton - "Zygote"

Proton Proton - "Chinese Dancer"

Proton Proton - "Sly"

Proton Proton Links of Interest:

Proton Proton's Official Webpage

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Anonymous Michael said...

like the new look

7:24 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

dito... looks very cool.

9:22 AM  

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