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Friday, November 11, 2005

Head of Femur

So I came across Head of Femur on the Southgatehouse website when I noticed they are opening for Andrew Bird on Saturday November 19th. I headed over to their website, listened to the generous number of mp3s available (6 total, 4 from the newest record), and quite enjoyed what I heard.

Their most recent album Hysterical Stars was released in early June and received impressive reviews from critics: "Head of Femur has released one of the better weird pop records to come along in the last few years. Put aside your Yoshimi and give something new a chance." - Stylus Magazine (B+) "There are so many elements to mentally catalog that the first listen is a severe shock to the senses, a musical equivalent of what Dorothy might have felt like when first stepping out of her house into Oz." - (7.9).

Head of Femur is a Chicago octet formed in November of 2001 by Nebraska natives Mike Elsener, Ben Armstrong, and Matt Focht. In their official bio, they list 18 different band members, but it is apparent that the band is essentially the 3 original members and a rotating cast of charaters backing them. Recently, they opened for Wilco and are currently opening for Andrew Bird (as a trio) on his current tour. They play enjoyable psych-pop with catchy hooks. Grab a few'll like 'em.

Tunes from Hysterical Stars: (right click, "save as" for all files)

Head of Femur - "Elliott Gould"

Head of Femur - "Ringodom Or Proctor"

Head of Femur - "Skirts Are Takin' Over"

Head of Femur - "Percy"

Visit Head of Femur's website.


Anonymous Dodge said...

these guys are good...saw them open for AIH. picked up this cd this past weekend too in the USED bin cheap too! good shiz!

4:51 PM  

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