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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Unsigned Artist Alert: Peter Adams

My buddy Greg Nicholson turned me on to Peter Adams a few weeks back. Greg recently began playing drums in Peter Adams' band and was quite excited about the material; so much so he gave me a copy of Peter's self-produced, self-released debut The Spiral Eyes. But, as anyone with friends in bands knows, after a short period of time you become jaded and skeptical when approaching music by your friends' bands.

So I let the CD collect dust for a few days. When I finally got around to listening to The Spiral Eyes, I was impressed almost immediately. The sound quality is remarkably strong considering the album was recorded in a bedroom "studio" (a computer, soundcard, and a microphone). Adams cut these tunes using guitar, violin, voice, sine waves and drum samples. Adams' songs display a songwriting maturity and an obvious musical talent (Adams has played the violin since the age of 3) that undeniably show a wealth of promise. The Spiral Eyes is a collection of well-written acoustic-based songs that are fleshed out with tasteful multi-tracked guitars, melodic violin figures, vocal harmonies, and a dash of electronics. Though he has a somewhat reserved vocal delivery; the vocals are the center-piece of the album and are key in making his music immediately accessible.

Still not convinced? Here is photographic evidence that Peter has at least one famous fan: Dave Grohl digs Peter Adams. Upon hearing some of his tracks, you will almost certainly become a fan as well.

The Spiral Eyes album artwork:


Peter Adams - "More Than You Know" (right click, "save as")

Peter Adams - "The Disappeared" (right click, "save as")

Peter Adams - "Cementalisque"

Peter Adams' Website.

Buy Spiral Eyes here.

Peter Adams' MySpace page.