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Wednesday, June 14, 2006

2 Really Cool New Bands Worth Your Attention :: Ladyhawk & Evangelicals

Ladyhawk released their self-titled debut album June 6th on Jagjaguwar Records. I am a fan of a number of bands on the label, including Black Mountain, Pink Mountaintops, and Okkervil River. Ladyhawk sound similar to labelmates Okkervil River on the most straight-forward track on the album, the rollicking "My Old Jacknife". The standout track features a simple guitar line which perfectly accentuates the most memorable vocal melody on the record.

The album features plenty of heavy roots rock riffing and boozy, weathered vocals. The band obviously attempted to capture their live sound on the album and it was undoubtedly recorded with minimal takes and no frills. Ladyhawk are already garnering comparisons to everyone from Crazy Horse to Uncle Tupelo and if you like those bands or are a fan of any Jagjaguwar's other bands, you'll find something enjoyable on Ladyhawk. While I have only listened to album a couple of times through, I can already tell it's a grower-- "Came in Brave" with its melancholic stomp and the bittersweet, Okkervil River-evoking ballad "Sad Eyes/Blue Eyes" improve significantly upon multiple spins. Grab the tunes below and if you like what you hear, the album will not disappoint.


Ladyhawk - "Dugout"

Ladyhawk - "My Old Jacknife" *recommended*

Ladyhawk - "Came in Brave"

Buy the album here.

I had not heard Evangelicals prior to reading the Pitchfork review yesterday, but I pretty intrigued by their sound thus far. This young Norman, Oklahoma trio have a unique sound that is probably best described as some sort of exuberant psychedelic pop rock. Critics have cited Dinosaur Jr. and the Flaming Lips as apparent touchstones, but a list of influences (however expansive) will not give an accurate picture of this band's sound; you simply need to hear it for yourself. Singer Josh Jones' high-pitched vocals have a distinctly feminine quality to them and with only three members the band manage to create the type of racket that is often thought relegated to bands with much more expansive rosters such as Broken Social Scene. On the tracks below there is an undeniable enthusiasm and a feeling that the songs are gonna implode from the excitement of the musicians performing them, while remaining ever-conscious of pop hooks.


Evangelicals - "Another Day"

Evangelicals - "Here Comes Trouble"

Evangelicals - "Goin' Down" *recommended*

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Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Phoenix - Its Never Been Like That

This album dropped a few weeks back and stirred up a bit of attention on the blogs, but the buzz seems to have fizzled a bit. What better time to mention this album again?

I have only recently (within the past few days) started to listen to the band/album, but I am enjoying it. Phoenix specialize in straight-ahead, hook filled indie pop/rock which comes off as immediately familiar. Much like Band of Horses debut-- this album doesn't break any new ground and is too straight-forward to make a huge impression on the indie radar. Occasionally, we all need reminding that just because an artist/album does not require a significant learning curve it doesn't make the songs inferior and being accessible is not a bad thing. It's all about the songs themselves and there is no shortage of really strong ones contained on this concise 10 track set.

"Consolation Prizes" could easily be a radio hit in a cooler world and reminds me of George Michael's "Faith" mixed with the Shins' sophomore record. "Long Distance Call" is another highlight and Prefix Mag reviewer John Ziess was quite accurate describing the tune as reminiscent of two of 2005's great indie rock singles, Spoon's "I Turn My Camera On" and My Morning Jacket's "Wordless Chorus". Other highlights include the lushly textured, laid-back "One Time Too Many" and beat-driven "Courtesy Laughs", which again brings Spoon to mind.

Think: Strokes-lite, Spoon, and the Shins. Sounds good doesn't it?


Phoenix - "Consolation Prizes"

Phoenix - "Long Distance Call"

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