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Friday, June 15, 2007

Deastro - "The Shaded Forests"

A couple of days ago, I stumbled upon Deastro's unassuming MySpace page. His page has only registered 2,000 views as of this writing and this is a shame, because this act has definite potential and with a modicum of exposure he would win-over a horde of converts. Detriot native Randy Chabot handles all vocals, drums, piano, synth, guitar, and programming duties. His best song I've encountered is "The Shaded Forests"-- a tasty slice of ethereal electro pop-rock that proves Chabot has melodic chops in spades. The song succeeds largely due to the endearing combination of the lo-fi recording aesthetic and anthemic, stadium-ready choruses. Starting with a laid-back synth riff reminiscent of CYHSY's "Over and Over Again (Lost & Found)", the tune builds and blossoms into a near mini-epic. Chabot proves his songwriting instincts are keen, as this bad boy is brimming with strong hooks at every turn. The attention to detail and little things really give this one character-- see, e.g., the studdering "I t-t-t-t told ya"s during the verses and the wall of shimmering guitars before the chorus. While obviously recorded on a limited budget, the sound works quite well and the song is all the better due to this fact, as this brand of stuff could easily veer into dangerously poppy terrain with the application of excess studio sheen. However, with its bedroom recording feel and almost U2-sized ambition, "The Shaded Forests" is an undeniable winner.

MP3: Deastro - "The Shaded Forests"

*Had to make this one short and sweet as I'm off to see the National at 20th Century Theatre...Cincy folks, your asses should be there!



Blogger Emily said...

I kinda can't get this song out of my head.

3:21 PM  
Anonymous dj said...

this is my cousin, and i have such massive respect for him and his creative ways to make meaningful songs

5:14 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like what little I've heard from Deastro, especially "Light Powered" which was made available on the Ghostly Swim compilation, but it's very difficult to get a hold of anything.

Even the songs available for download on the Myspace page didn't download properly for me.

2:51 AM  
Blogger Adam said...

His album is available on emusic they also have an interview with him. I've been listening to it everyday for the last week.

3:10 PM  

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