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Monday, May 21, 2007

Smashing Pumpkins - "Tarantula"

As anyone who really cares already knows, the Smashing Pumpkins will return with their first album of new material in nearly seven years upon the July 10th release of Zeitgeist. The band's line-up has been a topic of much speculation and as of this writing, the only two members confirmed for the upcoming reunion are head Pumpkin Billy Corgan and his steadfast drummer Jimmy Chamberlin. However, we do know that former Pumpkins guitarist James Iha did not participate in the reunion album nor will he involved with the upcoming tour. While Iha's presence would have made this reunion feel more like the Pumpkins, his absence will not likely affect the sound of the band to a large degree. Let's be honest-- aside from helping define the band's look and feel, Iha's most memorable contributions to the band were his co-writing credit on Siamese Dream standout and 90s anthem "Mayonnaise", his tune "Blew Away" from Pisces Iscariot, and perhaps the most memorably, his donning a dress and playing a disenchanted, androgenous hitchhiker in the "Today" video. The Pumpkins were always primarily Billy and Jimmy and despite the fact we'd all love to see all four original members (although I doubt few swear allegiance to D'Arcy Wretzky on the level many do Iha) involved in the reunion, the creative forces behind the band are on-board and ready to go. Let's see how they fared on the first single from the upcoming album shall we?

On Friday, the first single from Zeitgeist, "Tarantula", was played on the radio in its entirety for the first time and was leaked onto the internet shortly thereafter. Corganites and casual fans the world over let out a collective sigh of relief upon hearing the tune and realizing that is was actually good. I, for one, was incredibly anxious to hear the new tune as it potentially could offer significant insight into the sound of the upcoming album. Any reunion album brings with it the possibility of tarnishing a band's reputation, not to mention the overall strength of their discography.

"Tarantula" is a (mostly) no-frills rock song with heavily distorted guitars and pounding drums. The guitar sound is ripping and there are a few sweet solos scattered throughout. Billy still sounds like Billy and Jimmy's drumming is powerful and showcases his characteristic virtuosity. Whoever is filling in for James and D'Arcy do their part to keep the tune propelling forward. The verses have a more straight ahead rock feel and the choruses veer into more pop/rock terrain. About 3/4 of the way through, there is a brief bridge which is quieter and more contemplative than the rest of the tune. In other words, this has the feel of a classic Pumpkins rock song.

The Pumpkins were my favorite band in high school and Mellon Collie was released on my 15th birthday. I learned every Siamese Dream song on guitar and saw them live about 10 times. Obviously, this band is very special to me. While Billy let many of us down with his ill-fated Zwan project and an utterly forgettable solo album, I have high hopes for this upcoming album. There is no way that Zeitgeist will be another Siamese Dream or even Mellon Collie, but judging by this first single, it has the potential to be a fine addition to their catalog. If nothing else, Pumpkins fans can look forward to hearing all of their classic tunes live once again when the band heads out on tour.

Stream the tune:

If you are seeking a MP3, the song is available for download on iTunes starting today or try here.



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