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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Franz Ferdinand - "Do You Want To?" (Max Tundra Remix)

Yesterday, P'fork gave this track a rare 5 star rating.

"Unlike a lot of genre-translating remixers, Max Tundra doesn't pretend there was dance music hidden in the original-- just over-the-top sugar-rush pop. One bit feels like someone playing Nintendo for an arena of cheering fans, another throws up a flurry of flickering funk-lite synths, and the whole thing matches the song so perfectly that this is now the version that gets stuck in my head." -Nitsuh Abebe

Read the entire review: Here.

Franz Ferdinand - "Do You Want To? (Max Tundra Remix)"


Anonymous willynose said...

i like to eat cheese from a basin

9:21 AM  
Anonymous willyear said...

wow willynose you sound like my kind a guy

9:22 AM  
Anonymous willynose said...

yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaas get in there!!!!!!

9:22 AM  

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