Moroccan Role: "I Know That Crime Doesn't Pay, But I Don't Know Any Other Way" :: The Long Winters - <i>Putting the Days to Bed</i>

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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"I Know That Crime Doesn't Pay, But I Don't Know Any Other Way" :: The Long Winters - Putting the Days to Bed

The Long Winters third album Putting the Days to Bed will be released 7/25/06 on Barsuk Records. As we have been blessed with unseasonably warm weather here in Cincinnati since I received my promo copy of the upcoming album, it has felt like mid-July these past few days. Nothing ground breaking or avant garde is to be found on Putting the Days to Bed, just straight ahead, melodic indie pop-rock. Songwriter John Roderick's sunny, warm, and confident tunes are fleshed out by a talented backing band and glossy production. The songs have a vague 90s feel and will likey make some hipsters initially cringe, but after a few listens you'll be singing along to these tunes with the windows down in your car while smoking cigs...or maybe that was just me.

Still not convinced? Here's why Long Winters auteur John Roderick says you should care about the record: "Good songs are hard to write, hard to find, and are unrelated to fashion. There's a lot of music being made as an accessory now, music to match your distressed denim, your deconstructed jacket, your asymmetrical hair, but there will always be a need for actual songs. The Long Winters are working on making those."


The Long Winters - "Pushover"

The Long Winters - "Teaspoon" *recommended*

Get four tracks from The Long Winters previous full-lengths: here.


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