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Friday, April 21, 2006

Incoherent, Rambling Link Dump Post.

So, today I read P'fork's glowing review (4 and 1/2 stars) of Kelis' (yes, of "Milkshake" fame) new track and remembered I got an email from someone in her camp pimping the here's a link to stream the tune:

Kelis feat. Too $hort - "Bossy" (explicit version...meaning Too $hort says "bitch" a lot)

Below is the video for The Raconteurs' first single, "Steady, as She Goes". Jim Jarmusch (Broken Flowers, Coffee & Cigarettes) directed.

*Related: In case you haven't seen/heard it, here's the commercial for the new Jack White penned Coca-Cola jingle:

The Cee-Lo & Danger Mouse collab. Gnarls Barkley has been blowing up on the music blogs for some time's your chance to stream the album in its entirety: Gnarls Barkley's MySpace page. I'd be really surprised if anyone has yet to hear the first single "Crazy"...its already a HUGE hit in the UK. Track description in the new issue of Spin: "Cee-Lo unleashes his inner gospel choir as Danger Mouse creeps in with a Gorillaz-style beat and an ooh-child melancholy that lingers like a question mark."

Cincinnati folks, I trust you've seen the line-up for the Desdemona Festival. It will take place June 23-25 at Sawyer Point and will feature 30 acts on 3 stages. The first wave of acts were announced this week and go as follows: THE WALKMEN, THE FIERY FURNACES, THE STILLS, RADIO 4, THE HEARTLESS BASTARDS, SMALL SINS, RICHARD SWIFT. Nick Spencer is running the operation and you can get updates via his blog or via Desdemona on MySpace.

Finally, here's a link to a great new Cleveland, OH based music blog:

He's only been at it at for a short period of time, but the site obviously has a great name (from Curb Your Enthusiasm)...let's just hope he keeps updating at the feverish pace.

Since you made it through all of this mess, here's a treat. The epic opening track from Islands' acclaimed new album Return to the Sea. Read what the critics have said about the album: here. Buy the album: here. It's not the Unicorns, but I really enjoy the album.

MP3: Islands - "Swans (Life After Death)" (savefile: follow link)


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