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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Forget Cassettes - Salt LP and Woxy in-studio

The Forget Cassettes have a new album, Salt, and they were back in the Woxy studio last month for a live performance. They have changed the lineup, as Donni has left to be the drummer for And You Will Know Us By the Trail of Dead. However, as the singer/songwriter, Beth has kept the band name and borrowed a few musicians from labelmates Apollo Up. The Donni and Beth shows were raw, loud, and freaking awesome. Donni hits the drums so hard I thought something would break, and sweet little Beth will shoegaze and then--snap--scream her ass off.

Donni is back in the band on this live performance, so it's theoretically both the old and new bands put together. They'll rock your socks off.

MP3: Forget Cassettes - Live in Woxy studio, 18 Aug 2006
Web: Forget Cassettes - Salt (playable on website)

P.S. My name is Phil, I have the honor of being invited to post on Moroccan Role!


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