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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Patrick Wolf - "The Marriage" & "The Magic Position"

With his tune "The Marriage" making the rounds on the internet yesterday, I figured this was an excellent opportunity to discuss an album that I really enjoy but never got around to posting about. Patrick Wolf is an extremely talented 23-year-old singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. His third album, The Magic Position, hit stores here in the U.S. on May 1st, but the indie world had been buzzing about this album even prior to its original February 26th UK release date. The album is an inventive and ambitious slice of fully realized, tasteful pop songcraft. A good portion of which provides some of the most listenable indie pop tunes of this year. First single "The Magic Position" is a joyous, unabashed pop ode to "major key" revelry. Wolf employs a dance-y rhythm and sunny electro instrumentation to guise the song title's thinly-veiled sexual innuendo. "The Marriage" is a B-side appearing on his "The Magic Position" single and while it is in line with the overall feel of The Magic Position, the backing music feels a little too glitchy and busy. For this reason, it was wisely relegated to B-side status.

This album was in heavy rotation here at Moroccan Role headquarters (my apartment) for a solid month and is probably among my top 10 or so of this year. Aside from the title track, other album highlights include the strutting electro pop gem "Accident & Emergency", the stunning "Bluebells", and the haunting piano ballad "Magpie" which features vocals from Marianne Faithfull. Wolf's voice is powerful and stately, showcasing maturity far beyond his years. This album is, by nearly all accounts, the best of his young career and has been compared to classics such as David Bowie's Hunky Dory and Beck's Odelay. While the album runs out of steam a little towards the end, I would contend that these generous comparisons aren't terribly far off.

MP3: Patrick Wolf - "The Magic Position" (link via Pitchfork)
MP3: Patrick Wolf - "Accident & Emergency"


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