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Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Music From the ole Inbox: Plajia

I received an email from Patrick of the Montreal-based band Plajia yesterday. They do not have the sound we have become accustomed to from Montreal indie bands like Arcade Fire, Wolf Parade, and numerous others. Their sound is tough to accurately describe (always a good thing), primarily because the tracks I received showcase an impressive stylistic variety. From the (nearly) epic prog-rock of "The Party" to the restrained balladry of "Sleeping", the band seems unwilling to stick to particular formula. Their influences are evident but they do not sound overly derivative. With OK Computer-era Thom Yorke style vocals, atmospheric/ethereal guitar work, strong melodies, and tasteful arrangements, the band has quite an enjoyable sound. Give these guys a listen, Plajia demonstrate some serious potential on the three tracks below.

Constructive criticism: You guys probably need to re-record the guitar leads on "The Party"; it sounds like you used a 15-watt Crate amplifier w/ a DOD "Grunge" distortion pedal to get that tone...which is disappointing given the rest of the track is otherwise so sonically impressive.

Tunes: (right click, "save as" for all tracks)

Plajia - "Sleeping"

Plajia - "The Party"

Plajia - "Am I a Magician?"

Plajia's impressive website

Plajia on MySpace

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