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Monday, February 13, 2006

Kurt Cobain Getting Blasted in the Head and Kicked by a Bouncer

I'm not exactly sure of the date when this video was shot, but based on bassist Kris' hair length it was pre-"End Times" (1994) era Nirvana-- I'm guessing around 1991-92. Edit: The audio is so shitty you cannot really tell what song they are even playing. If you listen closely to the beginning of the video you can hear Kurt sing (nearly unintelligibly) the last line of the refrain of "Love Buzz" from Bleach. Since Dave Grohl appears in the video, I stand by my estimate concerning the time frame of the video. An interesting video--esp. when the band and others immediately come to Kurt's aid following the assault.

*the video loads pretty slowly-- so after you press Play, press Pause to let it load up and then start it again.


Nirvana - "Love Buzz"

Posted by: Matt


Anonymous KurDt said...

Dallas, TX

12:00 AM  
Anonymous matt said...

thanks for the info. I like the clever spelling of your name (Kurdt) there.

12:03 AM  
Anonymous jim said...

it is, in fact, pretty difficult to tell what song they are playing unless you play close attention to the video and let it load prior to watching it. only one line is actually sung and the overall quality of the audio is quite poor which makes the music hard to hear effectively.

12:51 AM  
Anonymous soulBent said...

Oct 19 1991 - Trees Club in Dallas TX

7:57 PM  
Anonymous Eric Grubbs said...

Ah, the video that proves to the world why Trees had a bad reputation. If you hadn't heard, it closed down last year.

10:50 AM  

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