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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

"A Crucial/Frivolous Omission"

My goal in writing this is to craft a drawn out work which in no way will apply our fifth building block of orthography, thus crafting a work orthographically void of such an orthographical factor. Though, to what point? A point is thus: to nonplus a glut of idiots and brainy individuals, and to occupy a lasting instant in my days, but apart from this goal and its prior cousin, I craft this manuscript in total futility.

Notwithstanding futility in my activity, I will try to impart a small amount of comical distraction to rally your typically boring days and nights, and with any luck you might gain an outstanding grasp on our silly world, or, if nothing truly important, you might laugh a bit at my whimsical rambling and its knavish pomposity. On what basis shall I start? This is a truly significant topic upon which to quiz. But I shan't throw away vigor on this solicitation. I'd more willingly start haphazardly and without aim, and thus I shall (as I did in launching this work).

Can I truly jot down a full work without using our fifth building block of orthography? It is outstandingly tricky, but I shall try with awful passion, fighting through all words until my product is total. I cannot maintain this analytical pitch; thus, a story will start forthwith…How should my story go?

I'm living for giving our Lord his owing tax, but only insofar as I uncaringly want to do so. Notwithstanding this audacity, I find it troubling that our Lord instills your author with a capacity for inquisition so highly distinct. Why, you might suitably ask? (Oh, irony!) I say, "Our lord fails to subsist! That's why!" Simply put, faith is tommyrot, and only fools fall into its alluring and comforting trap. But this philosophy is archaic, and similarly only fools broadcast it blindly and without caution. What, thus, is an apt philosophy to transmit, you might ask? A singular philosophy, intrinsic and important to you, is our only right form of thinking... .

Graciously submit solutions to this cryptogram in submittal communications apparatus infra this post.

*Mark you, photographs hint toward conundrum clarification.

Posted by: Gary


Anonymous Trotskey said...

Does this have anything to do with the religious cartoon mania? As for me, I sometimes prefer agnosticism. Just seems like you have all of your bases covered that way.

8:55 PM  
Anonymous matt said...

while the last paragraph has obvious religious overtones, i think there is something much more simpl(e) going on...

1:30 PM  

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