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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Guns N' Roses - Chinese Democracy Begins to Leak

I'll spare you this album's long-winded are already aware of the finer points anyway. These tracks have been floating around for a good week or so now, but I figured I'd post for any of you who've yet to hear them. Not overly terrible, but they are sorely missing Slash's guitar work and are not even slightly memorable after you stop listening. Just blah in my opinion. At least Axl's vocals sound better than they did when the new GNR played the MTV Music Video Awards a few years back. The unfortunately titled "T.W.A.T. (There Was A Time)" (how clever!) strives for the epic grandeur of GNR classics such as "November Rain", but falls far short. While Slash's guitar leads had an almost vocal quality and are as memorable as any of Axl's vocal melodies, the guitar leads on "T.W.A.T.", although certainly not lacking technical proficiency, are simply meandering wah-wah pedal wack-off sessions. The other tracks fare no better...but all are worth a listen, if for nothing more than a conversation piece.

Tunes: (PC: Right click, "save as" | Mac: Ctrl click, "download linked file")

Guns N' Roses - "T.W.A.T. (There Was A Time)"

Guns N' Roses - "The Blues" (Remix)

Guns N' Roses - "I.R.S." (Demo)

Guns N' Roses - "Better" (Demo Sample)

Posted by: Matt


Anonymous irish mike said...

the blues rocks but the other tracks are the weaker tracks ive heard from the new album. chinese democracy and madagascar were the first 2 ive heard and i was blown away bit disapointed with these although i suppose there 600 years away from being finished anyway!!!

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Nobody said...

catcher in the rye

6:02 AM  
Anonymous Nobody said...

catcher in the rye

6:03 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

TWAT, Catcher in the Rye, Better and the Blues can all be hits although Madagascar and IRS sound dated and sorta ordinary. The one I heard at the Private listening party that is sure to blow away even the biggest nay sayers will be a track called Sorry. I heard that Sebastian Bach and Amy Lee will be tour mates for GNR this summer.

P.S. recent stories about Adler rejoining are false as Axl thinks him to be "clown Shoes" - Izzy is a possibility, though

4:07 PM  

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