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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Built to Spill - You in Reverse (Who is Mike Jones? Remix)

My buddy Zach over at Touch That Dial commented on this phenomenon way back on 1/16, but I've been listening to the album quite a bit lately and cannot help but to mention it again. The entire upcoming Built to Spill album has leaked, but (at least on the early leaks) Mike Jones appears intermittently on each of the tracks shouting his catch phrase, "Who is Mike Jones?". You simply have to hear it to truly understand. After listening to this leak a few times, I now officially hate Mike Jones...and really wish I didn't know who he is.

You in Reverse sounds like it is going to be quite a strong album. Somewhat less straight-forwardly poppy than their previous work, the album features extended guitar figures and interludes but still contains the catchy hooks we have become accustomed to from Built to Spill. I am going to reserve an official opinion until I can enjoy the record without hearing Mike Jones interrupting every 30-45 seconds. The album hits stores April 11, 2006.

As most of you already have the Mike Jones-free MP3 of excellent opening track "Goin' Against Your Mind", I'll refrain from posting that song. In any event, the tracks posted below are still enjoyable despite the severely annoying "guest appearances" by the Houston MC.

Tunes: (PC: Right click, "save as" | Mac: Ctrl click, "download linked file")

Built to Spill - "Liar" (Who is Mike Jones? Remix)

Built to Spill - "Wherever You Go" (Who is Mike Jones? Remix)

Built to Spill - "Conventional Wisdom" (Who is Mike Jones? Remix)

Posted by: Matt


Anonymous Dr. Kenneth Noisewater said...

I am not nuts about the new record, but I do think I may have to reserve comment until I hear it w/out Mike Jones. I already like it better than their previous album.

5:54 PM  
Anonymous fred e. cougar said...

god, i hate Mike Jones.

4:10 AM  

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